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At Hilal Tours &Travel LTD we take feedback from our respected clients to improve each Hajj package every year making them more affordable and also to give more flexiblity. We value your feedback and this is one of the reasons behind our ever increasing success and the trust we build with our clients, because we seek to continously improve each and every Hajj Package. So we're very proud to announce our best selection of Hajj Packages in 2020.

Our constant improvements ensure each Hajj package better suit your needs, is more affordable and also gives you greater freedom. We really do value your feedback it's one of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of our Hajj Packages.

Being one of the most trusted and established names for Hajj and Umrah in UK, we have a wide range of the best Hajj Packages to choose from. After all you are planning to go on the most sacred journey of your life and we are here to help by providing high quality and affordable Hajj Packages with exclusive services, which will make your experience very memorable indeed.
Choose from our many 3 different 4-5 star Hajj Packages to make it a lifelong experience to remember

Platinum package (14 days)

Dates are Provisional

Dept: 23/24July 2020
Return: 07/08 August 2020

Gold package (20/21 day)

Dates are Provisional

Dept: 23/24 July 2020
Return: 11/12 August 2020

Silver package (16 days)

Dates are Provisional

Dept:21 July 2020
Return: 5/6 August 2020

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