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About Us

About Us

Hilal Tours has many years of experience in organizing Hajj & Umrah Tours. Our tours are tailored to take care of all the worries and planning associated with traveling abroad, so you the passenger can spend your time at ziyarat and prayers during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Hilal Tours understands that Hajj and Umrah is a major undertakings in one’s life a once in a lifetime journey for the majority of Muslims in the world. that’s why every year we continuously develop our hajj packages to meet your needs and facilities the journey of a lifetime. When it comes to Hajj and Umrah, you can count on us, our expertise, and our experience for giving you a hassle-free, comfortable, and truly memorable Hajj experience, since we at Hilal Tours & travel LTD are devoted to you for the same motive and purpose. Your comfort is our motto; attention to detail is meticulously crafted in how we arrange your tour, for we are mindful that it is your journey of a lifetime, the most unique journey of a Muslim.

We help you perform one of the most important duties, that is, one of the five pillars of Islam. Hilal Tours is among the most popular and noted Hajj and Umrah operators in the United Kingdom. We have 15 years of experience. Our Hajj Packages are carefully constructed and meticulously planned. reasons why a majority of our customers are referred to us by the Hajjis who have already had the experience of enjoying our packages. Our Hajj Packages and Umrah packages are designed to assimilate various categories, e.g.: Non-Shifting Hajj Package, 2 weeks Hajj Package, 3 weeks Hajj Package. No matter which package you choose your comfort and enjoyable experience is our central concern.

We set standards and exceed your expectations to the highest level


We are only a phone call away 24/7
We are a worker-claimed travel agency secured by our qualities, trustworthiness, and commitment to benefit our customers
All our holidays and flights are accredited by atol and Iata
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Planning For Hajj & Umrah?

Hilal Tours Hajj and Umrah packages have been helping people to perform these sacred obligations for many years with each package being exclusive and tailored to suit you at very affordable prices.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and a dream of all Muslims. We have worked very hard for over a decade to create the best Hajj packages to give pilgrims ease, comfort, and support. The journey of Hajj is one to remember your entire life, the memories of the challenging adventure, spiritual revolution, and pleasant companionship will stay with you forever. We bring you the best Hajj Packages for 2020 by taking feedback from our respected clients & updating and therefore improving our tours each & every year.

Our commitment ensures each Hajj package best suits your needs, is affordable, and also gives you a greater level of flexibility. We really listen to your reviews and this is one of the many reasons behind the increasing popularity of our tours and also the trust we build with our clients. Because we update, refine and improve our Hajj tours. You are planning the most sacred journey of your life, so we are here to help you by providing the highest quality and most affordable Hajj and Umrah Packages including exclusive services, which will make your experience very memorable. Please have a look at our latest Hajj and Umrah Packages for 2020 and get a quote.

Our Vision

The powerful inclination of tourists is on journeys to travel more nowadays. This keeps us inspired to satisfy your vacation necessities. To make it more memorable