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Makkah Tours

Makkah Tours

Makkah and Madinah have plenty of places for you to see on your Umrah and Hajj visit to the country. These places hold spiritual values and are big attraction spots for the pilgrims. When you book your transport for Hajj and Umrah with us, you can also sign up for the sightseeing.

*Please note, upon visiting some sacred sights, the viewing(s) will be done whilst seated within the bus/car.

Jabal e Thawr

This mountain is home to the famous cave “Ghaar-e-Su’ur” that once protected Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A (for three days and nights) whilst they were on their Hijrah journey from Makkah to Madinah. This mountain is located in the lower part of Makkah, and holds an important position in the Islamic oral traditions.


The ground of Arafat is an important part of the Hajj and no hajj is complete without it. Within it is Jabl-e-Rehma is the small hill surrounded by the ground of Arafaat. It is the hill from which Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) delivered his famous last sermon. It is also said to be the place where Hazrat Adam A.S. and Bibi Hawwa A.S. reunited on Earth.


Mosque Nimra

The mosque is intriguing because only two prayers throughout the year are offered here during the Hajj i.e., Zuhr and Asr on the 9th of Zil-Hajj. The mosque is otherwise inaccessible during the period of Hajj, however, on other days, its outer courtyard is accessible for Nawaafil prayers.

Muzdalifah Ground

Muzdalifah ground is another essential part of the Hajj practice that’s been going on ever since the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) . Pilgrims spend an entire night in the open air in the ground of Muzadlifah.

Mina & Jamarat

To be able to complete one’s Hajj, Jamraah, the practice of stoning the three Shaitaans has to be complete in Mina. The three pillars in Mina symbolize the Shaitaan, and Jamaraat is the bridge that allows access to the pillars to thousands of Hajis.

Jabl e Noor

At the climb of about two hours, the Jabl-e-Noor Mountain holds the famous cave called “Ghaar-e-Hira”. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) got his first revelations from Hazrat Jibraeel. The cave is about an arm’s length, and holds importance in Islam for being the place of the beginning of Islam

Mosque Jin

Masjid-e-Jin is also known as Mosque Haras. Located in Makkah, the mosque is famous because Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) recited Quran here to the troops of Jinn. Then he continued to talk and pray for them until the time of Fajr. All this while, he was accompanied by Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood R.A.

Janat ul Mualla

The cemetery to the north of Masjid-al-Haram contains graves of closest relatives of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) including his wife Hazrat Khadija R.A., his grandfather and his other ancestors. The cemetery has held a historical position and is a place to pay respects to the ones closest to the Prophet.

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Planning Makkah Holidays

People of the Islamic faith will find it considerably easier to plan Makkah holidays – however, for others it is possible to arrange visas, flights and accommodation through travel agencies or as part of package tours. Flights operate directly from the UK to Makkah’s largest city, Jeddah, and within the region there are modern buses or frequent flights to get around. The heat is always on with Makkah holidays, so pack light and bask in the heat any time. Temperatures between June and September are for the real heat-seekers, and it is usually advisable to check when the end of the Islamic calendar falls and decide whether to avoid or embrace the crowds at one the largest pilgrimages in the world.

Makkah Highlights

Jeddah is the cultural and transportation centerpiece of the Makkah holidays. Highlights here include the bustling fish market or strolling the endless Corniche with a cross-section of the city’s populace. Jeddah’s most famous old coral house at Naseef House is a must-see, along with delving into the region’s heritage at Shallaby Museum. For a broader experience, hire a car or jump on a bus out to the breathtaking desert landscapes and ancient villages, with the chance to taste a mouth-watering local ‘shawarma’ and the opportunity to meet baboons in Ta’if a highly recommended destination on Makkah holidays.